What To Except and How To Prepare…

What to expect…

Readings are a triadic communication between the medium, client and the spirit world. Sometimes it is helpful to think of a reading as an experiment as we do not know which spirit communicators will come through. It’s helpful if you are open to all communicators and their messages. As a medium I cannot, and should not, try to control the session. I am receiving the information rather than retrieving it. My job and passion is to be a conduit for the spirit world, sharing the information I receive.

“The messages are always loving and positive in nature. I do not get negative, bad or scary information.”

Occasionally a spirit comes through and it is not always immediately clear why certain spirits join the session to share messages. Please know the primary spirit communicator is always the spirit delivering the message that is most helpful for you to hear  at this time. Open your heart and your mind to the spirit world for they hold extensive knowledge of all of your needs and desires. It is best not to focus on hearing from just one specific spirit as it could interfere with the flow of energy.  If, by chance, you don’t hear from the one person you had hoped to communicate with it doesn’t mean they aren’t present. They are quite often present but lovingly stepping back and quietly surrounding you with  supportive, healing energy as you receive important messages. Additionally, there are many reasons why a specific spirit may choose to join the reading. A few examples could be, they may be seeking healing and/or forgiveness, they may be an unknown guide to you, or, they may be learning from and with you.

If you are having an in-person reading, please don’t be offended if I don’t make eye contact with you at times through out the reading. It’s just my way of connecting with spirit. Every medium receives their information differently.

How to prepare for your reading…..

The day of, as well as the day before the reading, it is helpful to take time to quiet your mind and rid yourself of frustrations or irritations.

You are welcome to take notes and record the session.  Don’t forget to have your paper, pen and recording devise readily available. 

Prior to the session, preferably the night before, take time to list questions you would like answered. Within the time constraints of the session I will do my best to answer as many, if not all, of your question.

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