All sessions are for adults 18 years and older. 

I understand this is not a counseling session. All information is offered for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended to be used in lieu of any medical, psychological, legal or financial services. Information received in a session is not intended to discount or minimize any medical, psychological, legal or financial services or recommendations received from any other professionals. Mediumship and Intuitive readings are experimental in nature and the information being shared is open to interpretation. 

I understand my right to exercise free will and I will not hold Paula (Victoria) DeBenedetto responsible for any actions or decisions I make as a result of information I received during a session. 

I understand I am not being offered any guarantees. I understand Paula Victoria cannot 100% guarantee the accuracy of all information received. In addition, she cannot guarantee I will receive 100% of the information I am seeking at this time. Readings consist of a triadic communication between the medium, client and the spirit world. All information received is open to the interpretation of  the client and the medium.

I understand I am not being offered any guarantees regarding the identity of the person in the drawing. The accuracy of the drawing is based upon the information Paula Victoria receives. For instance, the portrait may be of the primary communicator, or of another spirit who briefly joined the reading. Occasionally, the portrait is likened to one or more people who share a specific message for you.

I understand  Paula Victoria and I individually have the right to end the session, for full refund, within the first 10 minutes if either one of us is not satisfied with the direction of the reading. 

I agree to provide 24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid the cancellation fee, which is equal to the amount of the session.

I have read and I understand the nature of services, length of session and fee structure based on the information provided under, “Services” on the Loss and Found website. 

I understand there are risks and benefits that may be experienced as a result of the information received during the session. For example, a potential risk could be a feeling of sadness due to missing a loved one. Potential benefit could be gaining a greater understanding of the spirit world while receiving validating, helpful, and healing messages. 

I understand Paula Victoria is giving me permission to record the session for my personal use only. Paula is not giving me permission to share the recorded messages publicly.

I understand the information shared in the session is strictly confidential and Paula Victoria will not share my personal information with any third parties.

I understand that by paying for the session I am consenting to the above written document.

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