About Paula

Paula is known for her honesty, compassion and commitment to helping others to heal. Prior to her work as a medium and spirit artist Paula was a schoolteacher for several years and then returned to college to earn a Masters Degree in Social Work. She maintains certifications in grief counseling and spiritual life coaching. Paula enjoyed a successful counseling practice for almost 30 years before her retirement from the counseling profession. In addition, Paula has been a professional artist for over 15 years.

It wasn’t until Paula retired from her counseling practice that she became aware of her mediumistic gifts. Although Paula has been a  artist for some time, her artistic skills were limited to abstract paintings. Her drawing skills were almost non-existent.  After many years of abstract painting Paula suddenly started painting faces and after several months she began to draw them as well. This was quite surprising to her and more surprisingly was that she was receiving information after the portrait was completed. After some time, Paula intuitively knew to whom the spirit portrait belonged.

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